We are your go to tree removal and trimming service in Atlanta, GA

We have a crew that is knowledgeable in all facets of tree service and they are fully licensed and insured. The quality of our tree services is extremely high. We can take down the most difficult 100ft trees, cut over and around utilities and power lines, all while giving you a fair quote with no obligation. Over here at Atlanta Tree Service, we pride ourselves in our ethical practices and are committed to giving you the best tree care in Atlanta Georgia!

What we do

  • Tree Removal (We can handle the tough ones)
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree cutting
  • Tree Care (disease, parasite prevention, cures)
  • Arborist
  • Tree Pruning
  • Free Quotes!
  • why US

    Why Should You Pick Us As Your Tree Service Company?

    Our Reputation

    The most important factor when choosing anyone to work with is their reputation. Ours is the highest in the Atlanta area! If you’d like we’d be happy to give you a list of past customers to contact!


    Tree service is ranked among the most dangerous jobs ever. That’s why it’s important to choose a company with more than 10 years of experience in tree service like us!

    Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

    When choosing a company, it is important to make sure that you are protected from any liability or accident that might occur. Not only do we train our crews with strict guidelines, we also do whatever it takes to protect your property even if it means bringing extra equipment!


    We are proud to say we are the Most Affordable Tree Service Company In Atlanta! When choosing a tree company, it is always a great idea to pick a company that refuses to price gouge!

    Story Of Atlanta Georgia Tree Care Guys

    The men on our crew have been local to Atlanta for years. Some of them have lived here their whole lives and care a lot about the community! Many of us have children that go to the public schools here and our company actually contributes in charity and other public events. We are beyond proud to call Atlanta, GA our home. The owner of this local tree service company is a family man who just wants to help keep peoples property, and the community at large, safe from hazardous trees. Tree Service is just one of our many passions. We all grew up working outdoors for other tree service companies before starting our own. From a young age we all learned what it took to be an expert tree climber and cutter. Funny enough, we never lost our joy for learning the most safe and efficient methods of tree removal.

    Throughout the years we have really honed in on our craft, being able to remove and cut trees that most young companies would walk away from due to lack of experience. We have many returning customers that tell us, and can tell you, that they trust us because of our great communication over the phone and in person. Furthermore, they love how knowledgeable and highly trained we are! From start to finish we carry ourselves with confidence, finishing all jobs in a timely manner and leave your property so clean that you couldn’t even tell we were there! All these things combined will hold testament that we are real professionals who take tree service and your satisfaction seriously!

    Why Is It Important To Pick A Good Tree Service Company?

    Tree Service is ranked the second most dangerous job in the world with crab fishing being number one! We mention this because homeowners need to be wary of the companies that quote super low. Although the price offering might be attractive, some jobs can’t just be handled safely by some guys who are just running around with a chainsaw. You need a company that has the most high-quality equipment so that both parties can be guaranteed that industry leading safety precautions are being taken.

    A good tree service company is also licensed and insured. When picking a company, it is important that they are insured and bonded on their end because if not, you as the homeowner could be liable if an accident were to occur.

    For jobs that require a man to be up 100ft in a tree, you can see why something like this would be important to consider.

    Atlanta Tree Service is extremely safety conscious. In fact, when we are in the process of hiring someone on our crew, how safe they present themselves to be is our number one deciding factor. We would rather have an addition to our crew that is slow and cautious, than a tree climber or cutter who just rushes into things without thinking. We are able to train safe workers into true tree removal experts and tree doctors because our ultimate concern is quality of service. Our reputation is everything. We don’t care about squeezing in a lot of money in one day by rushing through the job. Instead we take our time and carefully consider each aspect of the job and the long-term effects one move will have over another. We also use the latest tree service equipment and techniques that give us a competitive edge over our competition!

    Benefits of Tree Trimming

    Keeps them manageable

    Trees can quickly grow out of control to where they start blocking driveways or other pathways around the house. Trimming their branches on a regular basis is a great way to keep them from getting in the way and being a hazard

    Overall health

    When tree branches begin to die or have disease spread in them. It is important to cut or remove those branches to protect the rest of the tree!

    Prevent back breaking raking

    We feel you big time. Raking dead leaves in the fall can be quite the nuisance. That being said, if you have a tree care professional trim your tree regularly, this can prevent a mountain of dead leaf build up in the fall.

    More fruit

    If you prune your fruit tree properly in the fall, it has been proven that you will have a better yield in the spring! This happens because when you remove the extra branches, all the nutrients will be redirected so that tree can produce fruit at a higher volume!

    Emergency Tree Removal

    It is our pleasure to help assist you with emergency tree removal in Atlanta 24/7 365 days of the year! We understand that freak storms can come through and cause all sorts of issues. When that happens give us a call! We have a team on standby at all times exactly for situations like these. We will get your property looking as if nothing had ever happened! We are used to the storms Atlanta can dish out, when the weather gets rough with your trees call Atlanta Tree Service! We have over 10 years of experience.

    Stump Grinding

    One of our many services is stump removal and grinding. For jobs like these, we use industry leading equipment so that the job is done right and done fast! When we finish the job, you can either choose to keep the left overs as mulch for a garden or we can haul it away all together! Stump grinding can be useful if you don’t want to go through the stump removal process. We can grind it down flat and you’ll be able to walk in the yard like it was never even there! Our stump removal service is a great option when you just want to get rid of it all together! If you would like to talk to a stump removal expert about your specific situation, give us a call! We are happy to talk through your situation with you to see what your goals are!

    We Have Been Atlanta’s Best Tree Care Service Providers For Over 10 Years

    All of our tree care and certified arborist services are brought to you at the most affordable prices.

    We have been in the game for well over a decade and there is nothing we can’t handle!

    Our crew has a special emphasis on safety.

    Ultimately, we are a team of guys who are passionate about helping people solve all their tree related problems and providing excellent service for their projects. Providing quality service like ours is what allows us to have repeat customers as well as new ones through word of mouth!

    Give us a chance to show you what our special group of guys is all about!

    Company Goals And Mission

    Our goal is to become the largest tree service company in Northern Georgia that has the best level of customer service of any other tree company in the US! Our team is committed every single day to provide the most excellent customer experience by constantly increasing our knowledge and skills in the industry.

    Having goals like this is what has allowed us to handle any job thrown at us in Atlanta. We also compensate our crew better than any of the competition. This allows us to have the best tree cutters, climbers, and arborists on staff! Our team always excels at what they do because their results lead to more jobs and clients that will call back ensuring that they always have money coming in for their families.

    The owner of our company still oversees most of the projects that come through, but because we have been in business for so long, we now have many seasoned team members that have a high level of experience allowing us to help even more people every single day. Our group has had the highest level of customer satisfaction for many years and will continue to grow that satisfaction even more for many more years to come!

    Tree FAQ’s

    When should I consider having my tree removed?

    If your tree is leaning or is noticeably dead, you should consider having it removed. If it is leaning, it will become a hazard to your property in the long run and it is best to have it removed as soon as possible. If your tree is decaying or dying, you should also consider removing it. There is a chance that it could be saved with some excellent pruning…but you would need to conduct a cost benefit analysis. We would love to talk more with you about it over the phone!

    Should I have my tree pruned?

    If your tree is looking a little down in the dumps then it is best practice to have it pruned. Just like humans, trees could use a little bit of TLC every once and while…especially as they age. Pruning is also a great option if you don’t want to remove the tree if it holds some sentimental value in your family.

    Can I just cut off the part of the tree that is dying so that the rest of it is saved?

    Yes!!! In fact, we recommend that as the first thing to be done. Trees are extremely beneficial to our world so if you can save it, we recommend going that route first. What is really cool is that once you get rid of the bad part, the rest of the tree will continue to grow more healthy than ever before!