​​​​Cabling And Bracing Tree Service

Atlanta Tree Service has been cabling and bracing new and old trees alike for years! That being said, most people don’t know a service like this exists. Basically, this is a service designed to strengthen and protect certain trees from strong wind. This is something commonly seen when landscapers put young trees in the landscape around a new neighborhood.

Just to help out and share more information, here are four things we like our customers to be informed of when it comes to cabling and bracing a tree. If you are considering bracing or cabling a tree, give one of our bracing specialists a call today!

1. Helps New Trees Survive Strong Wind

As mentioned above, new trees can benefit extremely from the use of a cable or brace. This service will help them grow up healthy and strong, being able to stand by themselves for years to come!

2. Restores Integrity To Damaged Trees

The structure of a tree is a bit more complicated than you’d think. All the branches of a tree work together to give a tree its strength and balance.

So, you can imagine when one branch cracks and fails, the whole tree is put at risk. Cabling and bracing is a great substitute to a trees lost limbs for it to help fix its strength and balance. This type of service can help not only prolong a trees life, but also be helpful in preventing any future limb failure.

3. Property Protection

Any time you install a cabling or bracing to a tree, you are protecting other structures in the vicinity of the tree such as cars, sheds, and other yard ornaments. No matter how healthy a tree is, there is always a risk of something breaking or flying off. A solid brace and cable job will protect against such a possibility.

As much as this sounds tedious and possibly useless, you might change your tune if you were to have a conversation with one of our past emergency tree service customers.

4. Cabling And Bracing Requires Maintenance

Generally speaking, any time a cable or brace is installed with a tree, it will require annual maintenance by a certified arborist. The reason being is that the conditions of this equipment must always be pristine so that system remains effective.

While we are on the topic of longevity, a cabling and bracing system will only be able to last for 10 years at best, before needing to be replaced.

Cabling and bracing might not always be the best plan of action either. Sure it can help maintain a trees structure and help protect other property…but some trees are just too weak for the procedure to actually yield some sort of benefit. Some customers find that they are not willing to deal with the extended costs of such a procedure and find that there are better alternatives for their needs.

Call one of our certified cable and bracing experts today to see if this procedure is right for you!

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