​​​​Emergency Tree Service Atlanta Georgia

We provide 24/7 emergency tree service in Atlanta, Georgia. Call us today! The minutes and hours after a big wind storm, tornado, or even rain are when we really get our hustle on. We understand how frustrating an emergency situation can be, so we have no problem suspending our regularly scheduled jobs to help those with a more pressing situation.

We have over a decade of experience in the tree service industry which means we have seen our fair share of crazy storms and damage. Whether or not the tree is uprooted, struck straight down the middle by lightning, or blown right over….we can get it taken care of for you with no problem at all!

Our arborists are specially trained to handle situations like this so that further hazard and damage is not caused to your property. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle any emergency as quickly as quality and safety allow.

Now even though storms are the cause of most emergencies, there are some ways you can prevent events like this occurring to you.

If you take proper care of the trees on your property, they will be able to stand much stronger against storms than if they weren’t cared for properly. If you prune your tree on a regular basis, the odds of your tree getting blown over are far less.

It is also a good idea to have regular inspections done on your trees. Even though a tree may look healthy on the outside from a distance, there are some things like bugs and disease that you won’t be able to see without a deeper look.

When a tree has disease or bugs eating it alive, it can pose a great risk if a storm were to come along.

Another great method of prevention would be to use a cable or a brace. These are typically used on newer and “baby” trees. These will help protect younger trees during strong winds so it won’t be blown over.

Our emergency crews have the best reviews by far in the area. They are always the first to respond and always get the job done quickly!

Although we never want storms to cause any tree damage, we are always prepared and hold regular trainings for such situations.

Over here at Atlanta Tree Service we believe that there is no such thing as being too prepared!


Can you guys handle damage around powerlines?

Yes! That is one of the things that sets us apart from other companies. Our team is elite and we can deal with the most delicate of situations that most tree care companies would be afraid to tackle.

What is your team’s response time in emergencies?

It is different in every situation and storm that we have, however it is always as soon as possible. Our crew runs on a first call first serve basis. So, it is best that you call in for an exact estimated time of arrival!

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