​​​​Residential And Commercial Tree Services

Over here at Atlanta Tree Service we have clients that are both residential and commercial. Most tree service companies are just one or the other, but we specialize in both! We have all the equipment needed to handle jobs of any size, big or small. We have knowledge in every area of tree service. We promote tree health as well as maintain trees that need some TLC with our tree doctors. Give us a call today to have our tree doctors diagnose your trees problem!

We are proud to service homeowners and businesses all around Atlanta and the Northern Georgia Area. Even if you think you might be out of service range, give us a call to find out for sure!

Tree Disease And Pest Services

The tree doctors and tree surgeons on our staff are well trained in any sort of tree threat known to man! We know how to keep even the most microscopic threats at bay and prevent them from spreading any further. We also are trained in how to deal with insects invading the tree and causing damage. Even larger pests are something we are prepared to handle when it comes to protecting your tree! Our company has served many of our local businesses here in Atlanta and will continue to do so for many years to come!

Tree Maintenance

We provide a wide range of services for tree conditions of all sorts. Want a small trim, we got you. Want a large tree removed so you can make an addition to your business? Sign us up. We can handle the big stuff and little stuff like trimming shrubs.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

We all hate to see it happen. You know, after a storm when trees are thrown around everywhere? In times like these our crews are firing on all cylinders so that the great people of Atlanta can get back to life as normal ASAP.

Call our team of tree doctors today to see if you can take any action for your tree to help prevent emergency situations in the future!

Cabling And Bracing

These services are best used for young trees or trees that were damaged in a recent storm. Did you just break ground with your new business and set up some trees out front? Check out our bracing procedure to see if you think it would be a worth investment for your company! Have a tree that got a branch taken out during a storm? Give us a call to see if our cabling procedure is just what the tree doctor ordered!

​Tree Removal

Despite the common belief, tree removals are not all that common. In fact, we actually like to save trees if it is possible in any way.

However, there are times when a tree dies and needs to be removed for the safety of the property and others. When this is the case, give us a call so we can get a removal team out their pronto!

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