​​​​Tree Doctor In Atlanta Georgia

Does your tree look a little sick? Give the tree doctor a call today and schedule a checkup!

Trees are more like us than a lot of people know. If you want it to live a long and healthy life, you should have it scheduled for periodic visits from our tree doctors! Just like people, the best way to deal with diseases and other health issues is to find these problems early on.

Our team of arborists in Atlanta are fully licensed and insured to take on any maintenance your tree may require. If you have a new tree, we strongly recommend these checkups as they can prevent numerous problems down the road.

Emergency Tree Services

Many of the trees that fail in storms do so because they continued to grow in a structurally inefficient manner or had different diseases growing inside of them. Reasons like these are exactly why regular checkups should be scheduled with the tree doctor. Things like disease can be detected early on and prevent any damage being done in a strong storm in the future.

A large amount of our emergency tree service customers will tell you that they wish they would have taken the appropriate action early on so that they wouldn’t have been placed in the situation they were in.

Tree Removals

Sadly, if tree disease is too pre-dominate in the tree, large branches or entire trees will need to be removed to protect the property and people around it. Even in the best-case scenario, a tree that has large branches removed will need to be set up with cabling or braces so that it can be temporarily structurally balanced. Do yourself and the trees a favor by scheduling a much needed call with one of our tree doctors today!

Despite the commonly held belief in our industry, we actually don’t like it when we have to remove trees. We are a green company at heart and love seeing trees live full and long lives. Please, take the time for regular checkups so we can all enjoy the trees presence for years to come.

​Stump Removals

After a diseased tree is removed from one’s property, you’ll find that the stump is a whole other animal. That’s why many homeowners choose to just leave it in the yard until it’s absolutely necessary to grind it down or have it removed.

However, all of these issues are avoidable if you have taken proper action early on. The best way to ensure this is to have a tree doctor regularly check in on your tree’s health and structural stability. Checkups like these can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Give our tree doctors a call today!

Our tree doctors and surgeons are performing their services regularly in Atlanta and other areas of Northern Georgia.

Even if you think you may be out of our service range, give us a call to find out and make sure!!

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