​​​​Tree Pruning

If you are in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas, give our certified arborists a call today for a good ole’ pruning!

Old Trees

There is a common misconception that when a tree gets old, it’s time to just get it removed and plant a new one in its place.

Although we love it when people in the community decide to plant new trees, just because one is old doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel on it.

In fact, all it means is that you need it to be shown a little TLC. What better way to do that than to let our expert arborists give it a good prune?


Pruning a tree has all sorts of different benefits. One of which is the extended life of a tree! When you prune a tree what you are doing is creating a better flow of nutrients throughout it. For fruit trees this means a better yield and for regular old trees this means healthier growth during the growing season.

When a tree is left to itself, a lot of things can go wrong. Depending on where it’s located, one side of the tree may be getting more light than the other which will quickly lead to an unfair share of nutrients thereby ending in unequal growth.

Appointments with our arborists ensure that all parts of your tree are getting equal amounts of nutrients so that it can continue to grow and live a happy life.

What Is The Process?

When the job calls for pruning the first thing we do is remove any dead wood that might be present. This allows for other parts of the tree to get what it needs.

Because pruning requires the removal of certain parts of the tree we make calculated cuts where needed. Making a cut in the wrong spot can do more harm than good in most cases. Thankfully this isn’t any of our arborists first rodeo. They have plenty of experience having conducted many prunes prior to yours and your neighbor.

What Is The Cost Of A Pruning?

The cost of the pruning varies project to project, simply because each job will have different needs and goals. What we can say though, is that our prices are always fair and honest. You will have a hard time finding another tree company in Atlanta, GA that can match our price and quality of work!

Why Should I Choose You As My Tree’s Pruners?

It’d be all to easy to say that we are the number one ranked company on Google and that we have the most experience out of all the companies in the area. No, we’d rather have our past work and repeating customers speak for themselves. There is a reason why we have the largest repeating customer base in the Atlanta Tree Service market, give us a call today to find out why! We cannot wait to talk with you on the phone and share our knowledge with you!

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