​​​​Tree Removal Atlanta

How do you pick the right tree removal company for the job?

We have been providing top notch tree care in Georgia for over a decade. We are the most reliable tree service company in the area! Atlanta Tree Service gives our customers free quotes and honest prices with no obligations whatsoever. One of the things our customers love the most is just how quick we get to their property at their convenience. When you ask us to be there at a certain time, we always arrive on time. All of our crews are extremely punctual. Because of this we have a loyal repeat customer base and have scored high reviews on listings all across the web!

Here’s just a few reasons why you should always pick Atlanta Tree Service For All Of Your Removals:

We are fully licensed and insured:

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Some tree removal companies are very shady. If there is an accident and they aren’t insured, you as the homeowner fall liable. You do not have to worry about that with us. We have everything ready on hand when you ask!

We have Experience:

In recent years there have been guys that get together and buy a chainsaw and claim to be “experts”. We actually ARE experts and have over 10 years of experience in the industry. We’ve seen and performed so many tree removal jobs, it would make your head spin! Every tree removal is different and depends on the type of tree. You can’t just take a chainsaw and go at it. Every move needs to be calculated and it takes the knowledge of an elite arborist to do so properly.

All of our quotes are free:

Unlike some tree service companies, we actually give free quotes with no obligation. Some companies try to force their services on you whereas we are just happy to help. We understand most tree circumstances and how to safely remove a tree according to industry standards. We quote fair prices all across the board because our goal is to have repeat customers who trust us for years to come!

Whether your tree is dying, damaged by a storm, or you need some trees removed to open up space in your yard we can do it all! We have over a decade of experience and can’t wait to talk to your over the phone to help solve your problem!

After talking with you over the phone, the next step is to come out and assess your situation and size everything up. When we come out, this helps us determine whether the whole tree will need to be removed or not. Sometimes all our customers need is a partial removal. We are a green company and love to save big trees when we can!

We follow all the industry safety guidelines plus a few extra of our own. When you are looking to remove a tree, you may end up spending more money in the long run if you choose a company with less experience since they don’t have all the equipment and practice we do. All of our crew members have at least 10 years of experience in the field!

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