​​​​Tree Trimming And Pruning Atlanta

Atlanta Tree Service has certified arborists on staff that can trim and prune trees so that they heal up quick and look as healthy as ever. Before deciding to prune your trees, it is important to consider the season as some are worse than others to prune. Give us a call today so we can determine whether or not now is the best time to get your tree pruned! It is also important to keep your trees properly trimmed. If you leave some trees branches too long, it can be taking nutrients away from other limbs and hurt the overall health of the tree. Not to mention, branches that are too long can get in the way of walkways and driveways.

We have over 10 years of experience with the arbors Atlanta, so we know how to properly work on the tree without hurting it or your property!

Dead Branch Removal

Every once and a while tree branches die. There are many different reasons why, like diseases or a strike of lightning…but when they do die, it’s important for them to be removed to save the rest of the tree. Most people would be surprised just how much a tree can be salvaged by just removing the dead branches.

There is no job too big or too small! We can handle the trimming when they are hanging over your house, as well as the shrubbery trim so you can comfortably fit all the cars in your driveway. We have equipment for every size of job. For the more difficult ones we use bucket trucks and have our master tree climbers get to those hard to reach spots. Our team is full of true professionals with years of experience.

Every single guy on our crew is a family man that always shows up dressed well for the job to be done. They are always ready to give you the best Atlanta Georgia Tree Service.

We are available every season of the year and never close up shop. We are here to serve you and the Atlanta community. We give fair and honest quotes to every single customer which has led to many word of mouth referrals.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Proper pruning on your fruit trees will actually lead to more yield than you’d expect. When you prune a fruit tree in the right areas, you’re are allowing more nutrients to flow to more spots. The end result is a larger yield!

Our certified arborists recommend pruning over the winter, right before spring starts, to help give your fruit tree a good boost into the growing season!

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, we give our customers the best service around. If upon our trip out to your home we find that the tree doesn’t need a removal, we’ll tell you it doesn’t. Straight up. No funny business!

We are the easiest tree service to work with in Atlanta by far. We have one of the largest repeat customer bases simply just because we are honest with everyone!

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